Call for papers: 8th Annual Alabama Regional Graduate Conference in English

The University of North Alabama English Department
Announces the 8th Annual Alabama Regional Graduate Conference in English
February 24-25, 2017

Call for Papers:
Confinement: From the Prison Block to the Margins


From Charlotte Brontë’s infamous “madwoman in the attic” to Orange Is the New Black, stories of imprisonment, confinement, and discipline pervade literature and popular culture.  In its most literal from, confinement can represent imprisonment for a crime, but “imprisonment” as a concept manifests in different contexts and across a broad spectrum.  Various individuals and groups are confined to the margins of society or oppressed by structures of inequality, among other forms of confinement or disempowerment.  These ideas of oppression, marginalization, and discipline have shaped how writers represent imprisonment or confinement in diverse forms.

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