ACETA Conference 2021 FAQ

Here you’ll find answers to all the most frequently asked questions about this year’s first-ever virtual ACETA Conference on the Sympathetic Imagination. But this year presents new challenges to all of us, and the best action we can take to head off confusion is communication!.So don’t hesitate to reach out for any information you or your institution needs by emailing us at or call ACETA Executive Secretary Ashley Kitchens at 205-280-8217.

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Registration for ACETA’s 73rd Annual Conference in February 2021 is underway!

Stately Warhawk Hall on the campus of Auburn University at Montgomery.

We are excited to offer this year’s Virtual Conference—if you’ve never able to attend a conference due to long-distance travel, this will be your year to check us out!

This year’s conference will feature a dedicated site for asynchronous visits to pre-recorded welcome speeches from our ACETA president, welcome speeches and host institutional presentations and performances, and panels from students and faculty at colleges around the state. Presentations will be viewable for the whole week of the conference.  

The conference week will culminate in a one-day LIVE virtual event with award winning paper presentations, keynote speeches from Dr. Robert Evans, our 2020 Eugene Current-Garcia award winner and a special NCTE speaker, and Q&A and trivia fun sessions before our annual ACETA business meeting. The live event will take place via Zoom. Asynchronous sessions open and run February 22-27, and the synchronous live day event will be Friday, February 26.

This year, due to the conference’s virtual nature, there is only the ACETA membership charge instead of a conference charge.  Your yearly membership supports our programs and outreach opportunities as well as putting together conferences like this one. 
Registration here:

Registration and payment deadline is February 22. Once you have registered and made payment (either virtually through Paypal listed on registration link or through mail via personal or institutional check), you will receive access codes for the conference site.

If you have questions, please contact Executive Secretary Ashley Kitchens at

Auburn’s Gribbin receives Current-Garcia Award

ACETA is proud to announce its 2021 recipient of the Eugene Current-Garcia Award: Dr. Alan Gribben of the English Department at Auburn University at Montgomery. 

Image of Alan Gribben
Current-Garcia Award winner Alan Gribben

As originally conceived, the award “recognizes and rewards Alabamians who have distinguished themselves as men or women of letters, specifically in scholarly reflection and writing on literary topics.” It also demonstrates “the respect of the scholar’s peers in the academic community and signals to the citizenry at large the lasting importance of the pursuit of knowledge and the contribution of literature to the culture.”

The 2021 Current-Garcia Award for Distinction in Literary Scholarship is presented with its sister award, the Harper Lee Award for the 2021 Distinguished Alabama Writer, at the Monroeville Literary Festival held March 4-6, 2021 in Monroeville. The generosity of George Landegger, chairman of Parsons and Whittemore, makes both awards possible. Winners of the Eugene Current-Garcia award are the featured keynote speakers at the ACETA annual conference the year following their award. 

Monroeville Literary Festival’s Alisha Linam offered this announcement highlighting Dr. Gribben’s career here: Dr. Alan Gribben Selected as Eugene Current-Garcia Recipient (

ACETA looks forward to hearing from Dr. Gribben at our 2022 annual conference.