ACETA Conference 2021 FAQ

Here you’ll find answers to all the most frequently asked questions about this year’s first-ever virtual ACETA Conference on the Sympathetic Imagination. But this year presents new challenges to all of us, and the best action we can take to head off confusion is communication!.So don’t hesitate to reach out for any information you or your institution needs by emailing us at or call ACETA Executive Secretary Ashley Kitchens at 205-280-8217.

  1. What is this year’s conference fee?

    This year, the virtual asynchronous sessions open for the week of February 22–27 and the live Zoom session on February 26 are free, but every year, there is an individual ACETA membership fee that is paid by all attendees or those wishing to just retain their ACETA membership. This year, there is no conference fee, but to be able to receive the code to access the week’s video sessions and the live Zoom password, you must be current on the membership fees.
  2. My institution paid an institutional membership, so do I need to pay for this individual membership fee?

    Yes. In normal years, employees whose institutions pay Institutional Memberships receive a $5 discount on the conference cost.  The ACETA Conference costs usually contain the individual membership fee and the conference cost. This year, since the ACETA Conference itself is free, there is not a discount on the membership. Individual membership costs range from full-time faculty at $20, to graduate students or part-time faculty at $10, to undergraduate students at a free membership.
  3.  I am one of the videotaped presenters, so do I need to pay for the membership fee?

    Yes, if you plan to access the asynchronous sessions of your own video and of the other presenters during the week of February 22-27 or if you plan to attend the live ZOOM session on February 26 with speakers and award presentations. Again, in normal years, the presenters attend the conference themselves to present their own session and to partake in attending other sessions. 
  4. What do I get for paying this membership fee?

    In addition to being a part of a network of English professionals, you will receive a membership card and some type of ACETA swag.  Since we are not in-person for the conference this year, you will receive your card (for new members) and small swag token in the mail to your institution.  Most importantly, paying this membership fee will get you access to all of the asynchronous presentations and the live ZOOM conference at the end of February.
  5. When will I know ACETA has received my payment for the membership fee?

    Ashley Kitchens will send personal emails to all those who complete payment via PayPal and when she receives check payment by mail.  The confirmation email will go to the email listed on the conference registration form. If at any time you have questions about receipt of a payment, you may email ACETA at or you may call and speak with Ashley Kitchens at 205-280-8217 for any clarification or confirmation information.
  6. How do I register for the conference?

    Go to Jefferson State’s ACETA Conference Page and click on the blue “Begin Registration” button on the left side of the page, which will hold a seat for you for 10 minutes which you fill in the required information. Then select how you will pay for your individual membership:

    Once you register, you will get a confirmation email and if you are not paying electronically through Paypal, you may submit a check payment along with the printed confirmation email showing your registration.  *If your institution is paying your individual membership fee and the printed confirmation email is not acceptable as a form of invoice, please email Ashley Kitchens at and she will send you a specific invoice.
  7. Do I have to register for the conference?

    Yes, in order to have access to the site where the asynchronous sessions will be taking place as well as access to the live Zoom information. This year, we have asynchronous welcome videos from ACETA, welcome videos and school highlight videos from our host institution, and at least 15 different recorded sessions from presenters; during the live Zoom session, we will also have three award-winning paper presentations, the Eugene Current-Garcia keynote speech, the NCTE keynote speech, Q&A with presenters and trivia, and the annual ACETA business meeting. You really won’t want to miss this conference, which gives you the best of both worlds: being able to watch as many sessions as you want on your own time and Zooming with some great presenters on a virtual session together!

8. How will I access the asynchronous sessions and the Zoom session?

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email.  About a week prior to the conference, you will receive another confirmation email.  This email will include the conference program and all information needed to connect to the asynchronous sessions and the live ZOOM session.  You will receive an automated reminder email about the live session a few days before the live event.

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