AUM professor receives Current-Garcia award

The Association of College English Teachers of Alabama Steering Committee is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2020 Eugene Current-Garcia Award winner, Dr. Robert C. Evans, Professor of English at Auburn University- Montgomery.

Author of eight books and hundreds of articles, Dr. Evans’s prolific literary scholarship has advanced the field of Renaissance Studies.  Over the years, Dr. Evans has been the recipient of numerous research fellowships and has served as an editor for several journals and more than forty books.  Continue reading

ACETA announces 2020 Conference on the Sympathetic Imagination

Willingham Hall UNA Campus Circa 2014

Conference on the Sympathetic Imagination: Literature, Film, and Writing of Sympathy and Empathy

February 28–29, 2020
University of North Alabama
Florence, Alabama

In an 1817 letter to Benjamin Bailey, Keats writes, “The Setting Sun will always set me to rights, or if a Sparrow come before my Window, I take part in its existence and pick about the gravel.” What he describes is the sympathetic imagination, how we acquire knowledge of the inner lives of others by extending the imagination.

The term “sympathetic imagination” comes to us from Adam Smith: “As we have no immediate experience of what other men feel, we can form no idea of the manner in which they are affected, but by conceiving what we ourselves should feel in the like situation. Though our brother is upon the rack, as long as we ourselves are at our ease, our senses will never inform us of what he suffers. They never did and never can carry beyond our persons, and it is by the imagination we place ourselves in his situation.”

Sponsored by ACETA (The Association of College English Teachers of Alabama) and the University of Montevallo, this conference …  Continue reading

Scholarly papers sought for 2020 Calvert and Woodall Awards

2020 Calvert and Woodall Awards
Call for Papers

The Association of College English Teachers of Alabama (ACETA) calls for papers for

The 2020 William J. Calvert Award
for a paper on any scholarly or theoretical topic in English studies


 The 2020 James Woodall Award
for a paper on any pedagogical topic in English studies

Deadline (Postmark or Email): December 13, 2019

College English teachers and graduate students may submit papers for one or both of the competitions.  The writer’s name, along with the title of the essay and the writer’s institutional affiliation, should appear on a cover sheet but not on the paper itself.  Papers may not have been previously read or published. Continue reading

Call for Nominations for Current-Garcia Award

Call for Nominations
Eugene Current-Garcia Distinguished Scholar Award

The Association of College English Teachers of Alabama solicits nominations for the 2019 Eugene Current-Garcia Award for Distinction in Literary Scholarship. This award is made annually to a living, outstanding literary scholar who is from Alabama or has worked primarily in Alabama or has focused mainly on Alabama writers.

312-JTTW Alabama Writers Symposium

Frye Gaillard (third from left) won the Eugene Current-Garcia Award from ACETA in 2016.

As originally conceived, the award “recognizes and rewards Alabamians who have distinguished themselves as men or women of letters, specifically in scholarly reflection and writing on literary topics.” It also demonstrates “the respect of the scholar’s peers in the academic community and signals to the citizenry at large the lasting importance of the pursuit of knowledge and the contribution of literature to the culture.” The award includes a $5,000 stipend and an original Frank Fleming bronze of the clock tower on the old Monroe County Courthouse. Continue reading

McMillian Writing Award opens 2020 submissions

The Association of College English Teachers of Alabama (ACETA) announces

Call for Papers for 

The 2020 Mary Evelyn McMillan
Undergraduate Writing Award

Deadline (Postmark or Email):  December 13, 2019

The McMillan Award is presented annually to the undergraduate student at an Alabama college or university whose informal essay is judged most outstanding by a panel of judges chosen by ACETA.


  • The essay must have been written for a class taken during the current or previous academic year.

Continue reading